Green Events 2010

1. GreenEvents Conference Bonn was a big success

80 national and internationale guests discuss the sustainability and environmental protection at events

The topics "sustainability" and "environmental protection" are placed in top positions of the public agenda for years. To give them the appropriate space within the events and live music industry, raise conciousness, exchange knowledge an build networks the promoters of the RhEINKULTUR festival set up the first GreenEvents conference. The german Bonn-based festival is one of the leaders of the green movement in the european festival scene - despite its size of about 180,000 visitors. A position that has to be appreciated even more taking in account that it is an admission festival with very limited budgets.

The team of Sabine Funk and Holger Jan Schmidt was able to welcome guests, experts and speakers with international reputation on nov 3rd and 4th in the Wissenschaftszentrum, Bonn, and go deeply into subjects. They are happy with great, interesting and productive workshops and panels held at the conference. The program inculded topics like " Mobility management", "Green Marketing", "Carbon Reduction" and "Sustainability Management for beginners" among others.

Besides the RhEINKULTUR organizers there were representants of mojor events such as Wacken Open Air (80.000 visitors, Ger), Pinkpop (60.000 visitors, Ned), Skanderborg Festival (60.000 visitors, Den) or Open Air St.Gallen (30.000 visitors, Sui). Other huge admission free events such as U&D Würzburg, Deas Fest (Karlsruhe) or Karneval der Kulturen in Berlin registered for GreenEvents and were able to take home a lot of information and new contacs, too. There were international delegates from scandinavia, benelux, UK, Austria, Switzerland and even Australia at GreenEvents.

GreenEvents was supported and financed by subsidies of the European Regional Development Font by the city of Bonn and the council government of Nordrhein-Westfalen. The conference wouldn't have been possible without the essencial financial support of the Foundation for international dialogue of the Savings Bank in Bonn.

Additional and important partners were the german Federal Agency for Nature Conservation and the european festival association Yourope (

Thanks for great contributions and support to Bucks New University, Julie's Bicycle, Green Music Initialive, CO2OL, Eco Controlling, german Federal Ministry of the environment, Modem Conclusa, Auqualogistiker, Bredenoord, SolarWorld AG and nvl2.

"We are happy to have made a first step towards greener events. I think we have moved conciousness and ethusiasm alike. I think this is a wonderful basis and I am sure we can build up on this at a second and third conference." said Holger Jan Schmidt, Co-MD and owner of the promoting agency BN*PD - Bonn Promotion Department together with associate Sabine Funk.

Professor Ben Challis, founder of the highly acclaimed (UK) about Green Events: 

"Green Events Germany has established itself as a true pan-European movement, bringing together event organisers from accross the music industry who wish to implement and improve green policies and environmentally friendly practices. With representatives from festivals, event organisers and suppliers from Austria, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, Green Events Germany provided a timely reminder of the need to move to a low carbon future as soon as possible, and the key position of the music industry has in promoting change"

Teresa Moore Head of Music and Events Management at Bucks New University  and conference contributor said:

?We were delighted to be asked to partner in this first Green Events conference here in Bonn,  particularly as it builds on the  environmental conferences we run at the University. The two days has been hugely successful bringing together audience and speakers not only from  festival s but also from the wider corporate and sports sectors of the events industry."

Catherine Langabeer, Julie's Bicycle (UK):
"It was a good sign that on arriving at Bonn train station for Green Events Germany, the taxi driver who took me to my hotel pointed out the IPCC offices, and turned out to be a contributor to the local Bonn Environment Paper! From this promising start, the conference itself was an exciting opportunity not just to share experience but explore how we can challenge each other to exceed today's expectations of what being 'green' means. Julie's Bicycle was very pleased to be involved at this critical juncture in Green Events' history, and looks forward to working closely with Green Events and its partners to further its ambitions in coming years."

Guido Axmann, Green Music Initiative (Ger):

"Sharing local experiences globally is absolutely crucial to win the fight against climate chance. Greener festivals will become a key driver in accelerating the transformation to a low carbon society. This first international conference was an essential milestone and the Green Music Initiative will fully support practical next steps for a better and greener festival culture."