The Speakers 2013

Cathérine Bartholomé, Chrysocolla Marketing

Cathérine Bartholomé studied Cultural Studies, Aesthetics & Applied Arts at the University of Hildesheim, Germany. When working for music and culture agencies, Cathérine for several years organized concerts, readings and festivals like Jazztime Hildesheim. As a member of the marketing team of Messe AG Hannover, she was responsible in 2005 for organizing the World Congress Intersecurity/Interpolice. She then moved to "Ökologisches Tagungszentrum" (Ecological Conference Center), in Hannover where she was event manager of conferences, TV programs, photo shootings and culture events for four years. She then worked in the marketing and acquisition division of a business consulting firm.

Since 2013, Cathérine holds the certificate "Consultant of sustainability in event business". In the same year, Cathérine launched the marketing agency "Chrysocolla" specialized on ecological event management and  sustainable marketing. The agency's portfolio is directed to firms and institutions inspiring the constant shift towards a more sustainable society by offering environmental-friendly alternatives in products and services.


Friederike Behr, Eco Controlling and Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut, Essen

Friederike Behr studied political science, law and peace and conflict studies in Marburg and Prague. Since 2005 she has been working for the German Protestant Kirchentag (Congress) implementing environmental controlling. In 2008, she founded ecocontrolling Gbr together with Arne Cierjacks and supports events strengthening their environmental performance. She also works at the Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities (Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut, KWI) in Essen as Junior Fellow.,

Jacob Bilabel, Green Music Initiative

Jacob Bilabel is Founder of the Green Music Initiative, which provides a platform for the music and entertainment industry to coordinate projects in the fight against climate change - with the objective to create demand for innovative and sustainable strategies - both from the climate and business points of view. 

Prior to that he worked in the management of Universal Music Germany. In the following years he set up MySpace's operations in Germany and became part of the social media advisory board of the Green Party. In the 2005 elections he was a personal consultant to Mr. Joschka Fischer, Germany's Foreign Minister.Today, he is Managing Director of Berlin based think-do-tank THEMA1 specialised in accelerating the transition to a low-carbon society. He is a mentor at the Akademie der Künste (University of the Arts) in Berlin and founding member of the ReDesign Deutschland initiative. Beside that he is board member of Berlin's Chamber of Commerce for Creative. Jacob Bilabel is also serving as a part of the German Technical mirror committee for the new ISO 20121 standard for Sustainability in Event Management.


Daniel Bleher, Öko Institut e.V.

Daniel Bleher, born in 1978, holds a Degree in Geography (Diplom-Geograph) from the J.W. Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main. He also studied at the Universidad de Extremadura in Spain. Since 2007 he has been working as a researcher at the Darmstadt office of Öko-Institut (Institute for Applied Ecology), Infrastructure & Enterprises. His research areas are conceptional issues on hosting sustainable sports and cultural events as well as accounting their CO2-emissions. He collaborated in formulating the environmental policy concepts of the United Nations Biodiversity-Conference ('Green COP9/MOP4'), Munich's application for the Olympic Games 2018 and the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011. In addition to accounting CO2-emissions of cultural events, Daniel calculated the carbon footprint of numerous companies and products. Besides accounting CO2-emissions he is experienced in the assessment of environmental and ecological impacts.


Birgit Böhm, Wandelwerte (Change values)

Birgit Böhm studied Geography (until 1990) and systemic change management (2000-2006) at the University of Hanover in Germany. In 1992 she founded the company "mensch und region" (man and region), sustainable process and regional development together with Wolfgang Kleine-Limberg. With her work she aims at the facilitation and management of participative local, regional and national processes and projects towards sustainability (national and international level). Issues are i.e. climate change, sustainable brownfield management, urban development and production and consumption). Target groups are young people, representatives of economy, agriculture, politics, community administration, the creative sector and others. In 2002 Birgit Böhm started the project "Wandelwerte" in cooperation with Silvia Hesse (Agenda 21 Hanover) and Eco-Designer Aguida Zanol (Brazil). Wandelwerte aims at the sustainable use of resources (Up-cycling) and environmental communication and education and started with educative workshops, fashion shows and innovative product development by used materials (waste). In 2011 Wandelwerte was founded as a registered Up-cycling association and Birgit Böhm is asistent board member and involved in all management affairs.,


Roman Dashuber, Green Music Initiative

Roman Dashuber is a senior project manager at THEMA1, a Berlin based Think-Do-Tank specialised in accelerating the transition to a low-carbon society.
Roman is project leader of the Green Club Index project as well as of the Greener Arena pilot scheme, which aims at reducing carbon emissions within the small club venues and big stadiums alike.
He coordinated the pilot scheme on mobility management at the Melt! festival in 2010, as well as the implementation of several other environmental management systems with various festivals (i.e. Berlin Music Week, Maifeld Derby).

Roman continuously lectures at the University of Popular Music and Music Business Mannheim on sustainable event management for festivals. He holds a Diploma in environmental psychology. Roman lives in Berlin and is fanatic about rock climbing and swing dancing (especially Balboa swing, which is usually danced to very fast music). He regulary plays music at Balboa dance events.


Jacob De Proft, SHELTERCARE International

 Jacob De Proft ,1968,  is founder of SHELTERCARE International. From early age Jacob is inventor in the area of sustainable camping and adventure products. He designed and developed different types of backpack, sleeping bags, and tents, distributed by different brands and tested out himself in adventurous conditions.  Living close to the famous Belgian Rock Werchter festival site, he painfully is aware how devastating the effect is of ten thousand of young people leaving camping gear behind as waste or even burning it. This personal experience with the sustainability of camping gear led him design a special shelter system that hopefully will be embraced by many festival organisers and young people. As founder of SHELTERCARE International he actively contributes to a more sustainable and responsible future of festivals, helping young people to participate in an ecological approach to camping, as well as helping organisers to reduce the waste problem. In a first lecture he discusses the socio ecological effects of producing cheap tents. in the second lecture he will explain his SHELTERCARE system.

Jacob has become a defender of festivals that commit themselves to a responsible future.


Nadin Deventer, jazzwerkruhr / festival n.a.t.u.r.

Since 2007 Nadin Deventer, born in 1977, is the director of jazzwerkruhr, regional network and laboratory for the jazz musicians from the Ruhrgebiet in Germany. She is a freelance curator, project manager and author. As a European citizen with conviction, Nadin Deventer has been living and working in divers countries and 7 cities across the continent in the last 15 years.
She has studied European Studies in Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin (Master of Arts) as well as jazz singing at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in the Netherlands.

Overcoming boundaries, artists in movement, creating new Networks - Europe, that's us! - is the driving motto of her work.
One of her professional milestones so far is the 3 years-development and implementation of No Blah-Blah!, her ambitious and innovative capital of culture music program for RUHR.2010.

Nadin Deventer has been involved and the 'director' in and of festival n.a.t.u.r.'s edition in may 2013,


Torsten Engelking-Mala, Cupconcept

Thorsten Engelking-Mala is Sales & Marketing Director at Cup Concept Mehrwegsysteme GmbH a company providing returnable cup-related services. After studying at Leibniz University Hannover, Thorsten Engelking-Mala worked in the Sales and Marketing Department of Cup Concept from 2004 - 2009. He then became Director of Marketing and in 2013 Director of Sales as well. He is member of the Board of Directors.


Jörn Fischer, O2 World Hamburg / Anschutz Entertainment Group

Since 2005 Jörn Fischer, born in 1966, works for AEG in the O2 World Hamburg. He is in charge of food & beverage in the arena and since 2007 he is taking care of the AEG 1 EARTH program. AEG operates over 100 venues on all 5 continents and is hosting more than 7000 events annually. The sustainability program is the environmental commitment of AEG and contains the environmental policy and the environmental goals 2020.


Sebastian Fleiter, The Electric Hotel

Born in Hamburg in 1971, Fleiter was trained as a stage designer in London, and later studied fine arts and visual communication. He has received various international awards for his unique approach of putting fun into energy generation. Some say he is somewhat obsessed with electricity. Since 2011, he is touring the festival scene with his mobile utopian project THE ELECTRIC HOTEL.,


Nadja Flohr-Spence, Slow Food Deutschland e.V.

As event and project coordinator for Slow Food Germany and the Slow Food Youth Network, Nadja works to raise awareness about global food waste. To these ends, she initiated the "Schnippeldisko" or "disco soup" - a growing grassroots movement addressing food waste through festive community gatherings in public spaces where people peel, cut and prepare unwanted, misshapen fruit and vegetables to the sound of dance music played live by DJs.

Studying cultural anthropology and public health at the University of Colorado in Denver, Nadja focused on the culture and politics of food, a subject she became passionate about during her extensive experience in the food- and event industry.,


Sabine Funk, Green Events Europe, wissenswerk, IBIT

Sabine Funk was production manager and CEO of Germany's biggest admission free Open-Air Festival RhEINKULTUR for more than ten years. With her company BNPD - Bonn Promotion Dept. she is working for different kinds of events especially in the fields if crowd management and environmental protection. In the field of environmental protection she specialized in developing and implementing new strategies and management plans for open-air festivals. In the field of crowd management Funk is a teacher for Security & Safety Management and works as counselor for licensing authorities in Germany. Sabine holds the titles of a 'Master of Eventtechnology' and 'Occupational Health & Safety Specialists'. She has studied 'Crowd and Safety Management' at Bucks New University and is one of the main experts for event safety and crowd management in Germany. Since 2007 she is CEO of "wissenswerk - Schulung & Beratung im Veranstaltungsbereich" and is consultant of local authorities and event managers with regard to developing and assessing security concepts. Sabine is Content Board Member of the YOUROPE Event Safety (YES) Group und is member of several boards on safety management. Sabine also is CEO of IBIT - the International Training & Education Centre for Event Safety, which is located in Bonn as part of the Competence Network for Events., 


Green Team on Tour (Luisa Gajewski, Annika Rudolph, Katharina Weber), Sounds For Nature Foundation e.V.

Katharina Weber (22) from Bonn studies English and Media Communication and is about to graduate from the University of Bonn. Annika Rudolph (18) from Düren will shortly graduate from the commercial high school Düren, and Luisa Gajewski (22) from Berlin studies Culture and Media Education at Merseburg University of Applied Sciences in her fifth year. In June 2013 they were chosen for the project "Green Team on Tour", founded by Sounds for Nature Foundation e.V. and organized together with jobmensa. As the Green Team, they visited five German music festivals during July and August. At the festivals, their main tasks were to promote the campaign "Love Your Tent" and to support the festivals' environmental officers and teams. They interviewed visitors, artists and organizers about sustainability and environmental protection in regard to festivals and uploaded videos, picture galleries and articles to their blog ( Rather than acting as an "environmental Police", their goal was to document the state of the art of music festivals' attempts at becoming greener and to involve people in environmental matters on a personal, rather than institutional, level.,


Hendrik Haase, Slow Food Youth Network, Wurstsack

Hendrik Haase holds a diploma in Communication Design; he is activist, author and blogger. He lives and works in Berlin and while travelling. Hendrik focuses on culinary arts (Kulinaristik), gastrosophie and an intense involvement in food, how it's consumed and where it comes from. He is particularly interested in how urban and rural environments interact with food and how these complex relationships can be communicated via the media and actions. As a co-founder of the worldwide active Slow Food Youth Network, he together with young gourmets, organises eat-ins where culinary protests are celebrated at long tables. Hendrik also arranges 'chopping discos' (Schnippeldiskos) worldwide where hundreds of people fight food waste while peeling, chopping and dancing.  His work is connected to visual and performing arts, performance and theatre.


Rüdiger Heidebrecht, DWA - German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste

Rüdiger Heidebrecht is Head of Department Training and International Cooperation at DWA, a technical-scientific, non-profit and non-governmental Association. DWA was founded in 1948 with 14,000 Members from Cities, Companies, Universities and Civil Services. DWA sets Rules and Standards, provides Trainings, acts as a Certifier and is a Publishing House. As Head of the Training Department it is Rüdiger Heidebrecht's job to create new training concepts for the German Water Sector and he therefore is strongly involved in continuous training programs. Since 2000, Rüdiger Heidebrecht is CEO of "Sewer Rehabilitation Training Centre" where 5 German Associations qualifying approx. 140 Engineers per year. From 1992 to 1997, he was member of the German Delegation for European Standardisation in Wastewater Engineering where DWA defines the German Standards.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht holds the degrees Dipl.-Ing (Civil Engineering, Specialisation Water Management) and M.Eng (Constructions in the Tropics) from the Applied University of Cologne. From 1988 -1992, he was Development Worker of the German Volunteer Service (DED) and worked as Hydrologist in the Department of Hydrology & Meteorology, Kathmandu, Nepal. Rüdiger Heidebrecht was Civil Servant in the Water Authority of Bonn (1985-1988) and freelancer as publisher and consultant (1982-1985). In 1983/4, he spent six months at Welsh Water Authority, Swansea, GB, on a scholarship by Carl-Duisberg-Gesellschaft.

In many international projects, Rüdiger Heidebrecht is and was advisor in the sector of waste water technologies as well as water and irrigation (e.g. in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Palestine, Jordan and other Arabic countries).


Christof Hertel, 34. Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag Hamburg 
2013 e.V.

Christof Hertel develops and manages environmental projects for the
German Protestant Kirchentag, a biannual five day church gathering
with more than 100.000 participants and a leading event when it
comes to green measures.
Christof Hertel studied Geography, Transport Science and
Environmental Management in Berlin and worked and researched at
the Hamburg University of Technology on green logistics and traffic avoidance. He is
Co-Founder of the European Institute for Sustainable Transport (EURIST).

For the Kirchentag in May 2013 Christof Hertel managed three projects: "Emissionfree
logistics at big events (NRVP - Emissionsfreie Logistik)", "Climateefficent Catering at
big events (KleVer - NKI-Klimaeffiziente Verpflegung)" and the transparent restaurant
("Gläsernes Restaurant") for seasonal, vegetarian and fair food.

Dr. Roland Imhoff, University of Cologne

Roland Imhoff is an academic psychologist with a strong research focus of group processes. After studying in Bonn (Ph.D. 2010) he received his current position as an assistant professor for Social Cognition: Social Psychology at the University of Cologne. His research interests range from basic cognitive processes to intergroup phenomena like prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination. In his research he explores (among many other topics) the foundations of social influence, self-regulatory behavior and the interplay of automatic and controlled precursors of human behavior, that is the combined result of human impulses and desires with their deliberative ideas of how they and everyone else should behave.


Dr. Alexander Janz, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

Alexander Janz studied Environmental and Process Engineering until 2002. After finishing his Diploma-Thesis about the gas management of a Thai landfill site, he worked for several months as junior project manager in the fields of plastic recycling at the Chair for National-, Administrative- and Environmental-Law at Cottbus University (BTU). In 2003, Alexander Janz started working as scientific assistant at Dresden University of Technology, Institute of Waste Management and Contaminated Site Treatment (IAA). His main field of research was the content of hazardous substances in WEEE and their distribution during landfill processes.

Since 2009, Alexander Janz works for the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety in Bonn. He is deputy head of Division "WA II 6 - Resource Productivity in Waste Management - Recovery of Recyclables". Additionally, Alexander Janz teaches as associated lecturer for the recycling of solid waste and biological waste treatment at Hoexter University of Applied Sciences (HS-OWL).


Chris Johnson, Shambala Festival / Powerful Thinking

Chris is co-founder and a Director of Shambala Festival, an award winning UK festival, and is a Director of Operations at Kambe Events, with experience of delivering events of up to 80,000 capacity.Chris is also co-founder and chair of the Powerful Thinking Campaign, a think-do tank tackling energy sustainability in the outdoor events sector, and was the lead author of the recently published Power Behind Festivals: A guide to sustainable power at outdoor events.

A regular speaker, sustainability consultant, occasional lecturer and campaigner, Chris has a solid practical knowledge of how to implement sustainability initiatives on the ground, and industry-wide experience of sustainability practice at festival's.

Chris is also the Associate for Festivals and Events with Julies Bicycle.Shambala Festival has been running for over 12 years, has won the A Greener Festival Award International Winner (2011), and has been awarded Outstanding for 4 years in a row, was awarded The Most Sustainable Event in the UK Award 2009 (NOEA, UK), and is the first event to ever vachieve 3 stars with Julies Bicycle?s Industry Green  (Ig) certification in 2010.,


Angelica Maria Kappel, Deputy Mayor of the City of Bonn

Angelica Maria Kappel was born in Bochum and studied informatics in Dortmund. As of 1991 she worked as a research assistant at the University of Bonn. Since 2005 she has taught computer science at a vocational school for media and information technology.

Mrs. Kappel has been a member of the Green Party since 1997 and a member of the City Council in Bonn since 1999. In October 2009 she was elected Third Deputy Mayor of the City of Bonn. She chairs the municipal committee for international affairs and science. Moreover, she provides expertise to the Rhineland Regional Council and is a member of the board of the Association of German Cities and Towns in North Rhine-Westphalia.


Thomas Kläser, PA-Team Medientechnik GmbH

CEO and project manager of PA-Team Medientechnik GmbH (founded in 2005), service provider in the areas audio, light, and special constructions. Having started as hand, Thomas has been working since 12 years as light technician, technical manager, project manager, tour manager. In the last years he focuses on a holistic approach of production in the festival and touring area, production management, event technology, energy supply, siteworks.

Some of the references: Rocco del Schlacko Festival 2011-2012 Mainstage, Tag der deutschen Einheit 2011 (Bonn, 5 areas), Rheinkultur Festival 2006-2011 (2-3 areas), Bonner Sommer (2006-2010 ca. 20 shows per year), Nature One Festival 2006-2010 (2-3 areas), Kunst!Rasen 2012 (8 shows), International Beethovenfestivals (2006-2012 ca. 15 shows per year), WDR MediaGroup (2006-2012 diverse), several local shows, e.g. Jan Delay, Deichkind, TOTO, Silbermond, Die Fantastischen Vier, Bullet for my Valentine, Bob Dylan


Wolfgang Küpper, PAPSTAR

Wolfgang Küpper studied economic policy and business management at GH Duisburg. He has been working for PAPSTAR since 1984 in many different positions. He is Head of Marketing for 23 years now and he is a member of the company's management. During all the time Wolfgang Küpper has been and still is responsible for environmental issues as well.


Anne Landhäußer, Ulm University

Anne Landhäußer is a social scientist working as a Lecturer at the Institute of Psychology and Education at Ulm University. After doing research on social dilemmas and motivation in the last years, she decided to focus her research interest on meat consumption and vegetarianism, especially on psychological determinants of specific diets. Anne is a vegan herself and chairs the Ulmer section of the German Vegetarian Union (Vebu).


Michael Lischer, Sport Concepts (UK)

Michael Lischer is the founding partner of London based architectural practice, Sport Concepts. Sport Concepts specializes in the design of international sports venues and multi-purpose entertainment arenas. Sport Concepts has been involved in over 250 venues around the World. Among their notable projects are the Papp László Arena, Hungary's national arena, the Scottish National Indoor Sports Arena & Velodrome, and the Echo Arena in Liverpool, England. Sport Concepts provided technical consulting and design supervision services to the London Olympic Games Organizing Committee for the major 2012 Olympic Games sports venues.

A key element of all of Sport Concepts' design is sustainability. This involves careful selection of construction materials, maximizing flexibility of use, and creating designs that reduce long-term maintenance and operational costs.


Niklas Lundell, Way Out West

Niklas Lundell, born 1981, works for LUGER and is a co-founder of Way Out West festival where he has introduced and is responsible of their work with green issues. Way Out West has been awarded by the city of Gothenburg for its environmental work, is the first swedish festival that has been granted the KRAV label for its organic food and is a key player in developing a new ISO standard for events. Niklas Lundell has also initiated a so called Triple Bottom Line case study by the University of Gothenburg not only investigating the environmental but also economic and social/cultural values at Way Out West, all from a sustainable devolpment. LUGER also runs the festival Popaganda and Where The Action Is.


Carl A H Martin, Arena & Stadia Design / Operational Consultant

Martin originally trained and worked in Architecture, moved into the Structural Steelwork industry then had, for five years, an Exhibition, Interior and Graphic Design Company.

Since 1984, when he joined the, about to open, SECC in Glasgow, he has been involved in the design, build and operation of a number of arenas and stadia, including Sheffield, Manchester, Newcastle, Oberhausen in Germany, Shah Alam in Malaysia, Budapest in Hungary, Zagreb and Split in Croatia, Copenhagen in Denmark and is now consulting on a new stadium in Bordeaux, France and a multi-functional building in the Mediterranean area

Seven years ago Martin was involved in the creation of the European Academy of Venue Management and still lectures there. For the past three years he has chaired the annual ILMC Production Meeting in London, along chairing other conferences throughout Europe.

Latterly he has become involved with the move to promote a greener industry, although he has yet to be totally convinced it is all sensible...


Teresa Moore, Bucks University

Teresa Moore is Head of Department at Buckinghamshire New University in charge of the University's Music Events and Crowd Safety Management programmes.

Teresa is a founder member of the European sustainability group GO Europe having a special interest in Sustainable Event Management. In 2012 she undertook a new study on audience attitudes to sustainability at festivals with A Greener Festival which followed on from the 2008 study. The initial findings were released at Eurosonic in Groningen earlier this year. She has also carried out research with Julie's Bicycle on "Audience Travel to One off Music Events" which was published in 2009. Teresa has initiated the development of a series of conferences and short courses on Sustainable Event Management at Bucks New University. She has run the Green Events and Innovations Conference in collaboration with A Greener Festival and The Association of Independent Festivals since 2008 and regularly runs workshops and speaks at conferences.

She is the Director of Education and Board member of the International Centre for Crowd Management and Security Studies and Chairman of the Association for Crowd Management Practitioners. Teresa is co-author of a major report on "Crowd Safety at street and unusual Events" published in 2010 by the Health and Safety Executive. She has carried out Research at Exit Festival in Serbia on aspects of crowd safety, and took part in Research at several concerts including Green Day at Wembley Stadium, testing crowd pressures. She has contributed to the latest book published by the Centre in 2011 "Crowd Studies in Crowd Management, Security and Business Continuity".
Teresa has worked on the Crowd Management and Barriers and Fences chapters of the revised HSE Event Safety Guide (2012). She is an Editor of the new Event Industry Forum Purple Guide for Event Organisers to be published in 2013. She is co-founder and CEO of MC9 Music, an Independent music Business.


Michael Müller, EnergyAgency.NRW

Consultant in energy efficiency and climate protection at the EnergyAgency.NRW. Currently projekt manager in the projects Green Club Index NRW - Energy efficiency and climate protection in clubs and discos and Greener Arena Index. Also managing the Carbon Footprint program for cities and municipalities in North Rhine-Westphalia.


Nizar Müller, Rhenus Recycling GmbH, Essen

Nizar Müller studied technical business at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. Since 2006 he has been working in different countries for corrugated packaging and recycling companies. Now, Nizar Müller is responsible for the Business Development Department of Rhenus Recycling GmbH. In 2012, he and his development team created an innovative, mobile reverse vending solution to reduce beverage plastic bottles and cans on outdoor events. Also he supports international festival organizers to increase their environmental reputation and create a sustainability strategy that is visible.


Eberhard Neugebohrn, Stiftung für Umwelt und Entwicklung Nordrhein-Westfahlen

Eberhard Neugebohrn, born in 1949, studied pedagogics and sociology at the University of Hamburg from 1970 to 1979. He then finished his vocational training as Industrial Business Management Assistant and Computer Scientist. From 1982 to 2004, Eberhard Neugebohrn worked as Computer Scientist with Springer Verlag in Hamburg. Since 2004, he is Managing Director of "Stiftung für Umwelt und Entwicklung Nordrhein-Westfahlen" (Foundation for Environment and Development North Rhine-Westphalia).

Since the early seventies, Eberhard Neugebohrn has been engaged in NGOs being active in the field of developmental and environmental politics. In 1992, he was co-founder of "Eine Welt Netzwerk Hamburg" (the association of development NGOs in Hamburg); from 1996 to 2001 he was chairman of the association. Eberhard Neugebohrn was co-founder of "Norddeutsche Stiftung für Umwelt und Entwicklung" (North German Foundation for Environment and Development) in 1999 where he served as member of the board of trustees until 2004. During this period, he was decisively involved in establishing the first Advisory Board for Development Policy of the Senate of Hamburg.

From 2001 to 2004, Eberhard Neugebohrn was member of the Executive Committee of VENRO, the umbrella association of German development non-governmental organisations as well as member of the first program committee of the Service Agency  "Kommunen in der Einen Welt" (Communities in the One World) - today part of "Engagement Global" .


Chris Newton, Cwm Harry

Chris Newton works for the Zero Waste arm of Cwm Harry which is a community interest company committed to helping communities realise sustainable solutions.  Since completing his thesis on redesigning waste which was completed while studying waste management and resource use at the University of Cranfield in 2012, he has worked tirelessly to promote zero waste and the pathways towards it.  With a large amount of operational experience earned over many years at various events including prestigious events such as the 2012 London Olympics and the Hay Literature festival Chris brings not only a wealth of experience in event recycling but also works with communities and business on the front line in the war on waste, organising compositional analysis studies, tapping into behaviour change thinking and finding innovative ways to improve participation and capture rates for recyclate.


Dirk Nossbach, NVL² Nossbach VeranstaltungsLogistik GmbH

Dirk Nossbach is managing director of NVL² Nossbach VeranstaltungsLogistik GmbH. NVL²  [n-v-l-hoch zwei] is offering technical production management for political, social and political major events. For more than 25 years, listed companies, Federal Ministries and UN units rely on the expertise and experience of the NVL² team in event planning and realization. Dirk's job description includes developing concepts for equipment and area utilization for mass events and for production and audience areas. He is responsible for planning and realization according to existing laws including all necessary approval procedures on behalf of the client. Dirk got his experience in green events as a member of the project management team and technical director of the media centre at the 9th Conference of the Parties on the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) 2008 in Bonn. This UN conference on the protection of nature has been certified according to the European Environmental Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) thus setting new standards for environmental-friendly international major events. Since this time is "Greening an Event" part of his Job.


Claire O'Neill, A Greener Festival / Association of Independent Festivals / Et Voila Events

Claire studied Music Industry Management at Bucks New Uni graduating in 2006 with a first class degree, and a research project that formed the basis of A Greener Festival. Claire worked for Media Records as New Media Manager in the record industry, before being drawn fully into the live route driven by her passion for festivals. Claire is Co-Founder of international campaign, advise and award group A Greener Festival which was formed in 2006. In 2008 Claire also became General Manager of the Association of Independent Festivals. Working with a wide range of festivals in various management and co-ordination roles since 2004, Claire has developed a broad experience of events management, entertainment and logistics. Claire formed Et Voila Events in 2010 from which to operate those aspects of her career, and also represents attractions and installations such as Arcadia Spectacular. Additionally, Claire is an aerial circus performer.

A Greener Festival began in 2006 as a website resource created by music industry professionals, sharing information and compiling research about how to make festivals more environmentally aware. In 2007 the Greener Festival Awards were launched in consultation with Environmental Scientists, which have since been adopted throughout Europe, Australia, North America and since 2012 Brazil and South Africa. The Association of Independent Festivals is a non-profit trade association created to represent UK independent music festivals. The aim is to help the businesses of our individual members, and help the needs of the independent festival sector. Currently AIF has over 45 festival members representing an audience reach of well over 550,000.,,


Marten Pauls, Campo Events

Marten Pauls, born in 1973, has twenty years of professional work experience in the fields of planning, logistics controlling and management - in particular at major events. After becoming  Diplom-Finanzwirt at CoB Berlin, Marten worked in sales, was involved in the management of Justus Frantz, worked as project manager for event agencies and as trade manager. From 2000 to 2011 Marten was president of campo GmbH, a company dealing with controlling and logistics at major events. From 2007 to 2011, he was also Managing Director of SANI GmbH. In addition, Marten studied business and administration in Göttingen from 2008 to 2011. Afterwards, he moved to Hamburg and studied General Management. Marten finished his studies with a master thesis about the importance of sustainability measures for the event management industry using the example of Open-Air Festivals. When starting his studies in 2011, he simultaneously became managing director of campo-event engineering Marten Pauls Beratung GmbH & Co. KG, which deals with planning and logistics at major events like Rock Am Ring, Rock'n'Heim and controlling for enterprises.


Jacqui Reeves, FareShare South West

Jacqui Reeves has been the Project Director of FareShare South West for five years and has developed the South West into the most successful FareShare franchise of the 18 strong network. She has achieved this by developing numerous new projects including an employment and training programme for volunteers from vulnerable backgrounds and more recently their award winning catering, food waste initiative for festivals and events. Jacqui has worked within ethical business for most of her life from running her own up-cycling design company to an organic, fair-trade juice bar. She is passionate about reducing food waste and food poverty and about building public support by lobbying the government and the food industry to stop the shocking amount of good food that is wasted.


Mathilde Régnard, Le Cabaret Vert

Born in 1984, Mathilde grew up in Guadeloupe, a French Caribbean Island.

After she graduated with a Master's Degree in Management and Sustainability, she went into the sustainable tourism sector and started working internationally. In Iceland, she advised a youth hostels network on its environmental approach. Then, in Brussels, she managed sustainable and CSR projects with a hotel chain spread across EMEA Region in over 80 countries.

Since the beginning of the year, she has worked as a sustainable & partnership manager for the Eco-Rock Festival Le Cabaret Vert. It takes place in the Ardennes region. 75,000 people attended this event in 2013. Since "Le Cabaret Vert" is well known for its promotion of regional food, Mathilde will speak about smart catering solutions.


Marie Sabot, We Love Art / We Love Green
Founder of We Love Green Festival, Marie Sabot has an extensive experience in cultural events management of almost twenty years.
After graduating in Law, she joined the pop rock promoter Garance as a production assistant to learn the concert business. Then she did the artistic direction of a new alternative venue called Le Divan du Monde.
Around 2000 she moved into brand events, to be project manager for several agencies, and started investing unusual locations for memorable thematic and electronic parties, setting up shows with performers, light and video. In 2004, she decided to launch We Love Art, a cultural and entertainment event agency. One of it's branch, the eco-conceived We Love Green Festival is a laboratory for new practices., 


Dr. Ingo Sartorius, PlasticsEurope

Dr. Ingo Sartorius studied Chemistry at the Technical University of Braunschweig where he also got his Ph.D. in Physical Chemnistry. In 1995, he worked with CES Consulting Engineers Salzgitter GmbH. Since 1996, he has been working for the Association of Plastic Manufacturers' Department of Plastics and Environmental Affairs. In 2008, Ingo Sartorius became Managing Director of the Association and Head of the Department Consumer and Environmental Affairs. His main topics are Climate Protection and Energy Efficiency, Resource Efficiency
 and Consumer Protection.


Holger Jan Schmidt, Green Events Europe, GO Group

Holger Jan Schmidt is the promoter of Europe's leading conference for sustainability in the live musc industry, GreenEvents Europe, which is to be helt for the fourth time on nov 25 & 26 in Bonn, Germany. He is board member of the german Sounds for Nature Foundation e.V., that focuses on environmental issues at events and sustainability related communication projects towards a young target group. Sounds for Nature released one of the first and most important guidlines to greening events in 2004 which were rereleased fully updated in june 2013. Schmidt was co-initiator of GO Group (Green Operations Europe) and is the anchorman for green issues of Yourope (the European Festival Association). Schmidt looks back at more than twenty years with Germany's biggest admission-free festival RhEINKULTUR being in leading position from 1998 till the festival's last edition in 2011. Together with his colleagues he invented the 'Green Rocks'-program that covered all sustainability and environmental issues of the festival, which was one of the greenest in Europe. Schmidt holds a diploma in media economics from Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln.,


Carsten Schumacher, editor-in-chief Festivalguide Magazine

Carsten Schumacher is born on the same day as Jimi Hendrix, although 31 years later and in "holy Cologne". After several years in a boys choir he decided to lay down his soul to the god's rock'n'roll and started to play in a heavy metal band. From 1995 he focused on writing about music first in fanzines, later as editor and editor-in-chief of Germanys leading independent music magazines. Since 2010 he is editor-in-chief of Germanys leading festival magazine and most recently he gave birth to an independent festival award by the name of Helga!


Fabian Schulte-Terboven, IBIT GmbH

Fabian Schulte-Terboven, Dipl.-Betriebswirt, is managing director of IBIT since 2013. Before, he worked as managing director of the German and Australian branches of the eps group, a leading provider of temporary infrastructure services for all kinds of large events. During the last 20 years, Fabian was involved in conceptualising and realising large event projects in Europe and Australia. He worked as production manager, site coordinator and financial controller.


Paul Schurink, ZAP Concepts B.V.

Paul Schurink (The Netherlands, 43 years old) is an expert in the field of temporary energy supply, sustainability and innovations.
Paul holds a degree Master of Business in Energy systems (MBE) of Delft University of Technology.

Paul worked 20 year in the Dutch generator rental company Bredenoord, were he held different positions as manager rental, manager international projects and manager new business.
He gained experience in several major events as being responsible for the power supply to the Olympic Games in Athens (2004) and Torino (2006) and as responsible project manager for the supply of temporary power, water and temperature control equipment for UEFA EURO 2012 Poland/Ukraine.

Paul runs his own company ZAP Concepts B.V. which offers consultancy in energy and sustainability; specialized in energy assessment, -measurement and -logging as well as design of the optimal power supply for events. In 2013 Paul was hired by the Indian Summer Festival as a sustainability coordinator and as a power consultant by Extrema B.V. for their events Extrema Outdoor (XO) and Solar Weekend.

Paul has extensive knowledge of generators, power distribution, alternative power supply as fuel cell technique, hybrid generators, alternative fuels (GTL, bio fuels, bio gas), energy storage and general sustainability., p.schurink(at) 


Katrin Schwermer-Funke, Kultur.Konzepte.Kulinarik / Slow Food Youth Düsseldorf

Katrin was born in 1983, studied Cultural Education (Kulturpädagogik) in Mönchengladbach and in Nijmegen (NL) and is living in Düsseldorf. As a freelancer, she started Kultur.Konzepte.Kulinarik in 2010. She develops workshops, events and projects around the topic "Food" integrating culture and  art aspects  into her work . Katrin is working for municipalities, schools, cultural centers and firms. With young people, she e.g. builds instruments made from vegetables, and she is a teacher at the University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein. Communicating sustainable consumer behavior and dealing respectfully with food are the most important topics of her work. For several years, Katrin has been engaged at Slow Food. In 2011, she founded Slow Food Youth Düsseldorf.,


Hamish Skermer, Natural Event Europe Ltd.

Hamish Skermer, Managing Director of  Natural Event Europe Ltd., is a 37-year-old environmental chemist who designed the compost toilet 15 years ago, when he and a friend staged a fundraising concert at the Skermer family's farm, Bilyana, near Eldorado, Australia. Hamish wants to change the perception the world has of our most basic natural function. He aims to make the world more environmentally friendly by providing dry, compost toilets at large public gatherings, rather than the water-based variety. His eco-friendly loo has pride of place at some of the biggest rock festivals in the world, including Glastonbury and RockNess in Britain, and the Falls and Meredith festivals in Australia. Skermer sees a bigger picture for his work. What he's on about is making the rich kids at festivals used to the idea of using composting toilets. "That helps people understand that it's not the poor Cousin."

Stěpán Suchochleb, Capricorn Promotion and 'Rock for People' Festival

Stěpán studied Cultural Anthropology at Charles University in Prague. He has worked for Outward Bound Czech Republic since 1993, starting as experience training leader, later moving into the position of the chairman and finishing as CEO in 2000. In 1996  he  founded Capricorn Promotion, a booking and promotion agency which booked and / or promoted numerous shows within Czech Republic and Slovakia ranging from club to arena level, including Elton John, James Brown, Chuck Berry, Moby, Joan Baez, Lou Reed, Status Quo, Hugh Laurie, Manu Chao, Wayne Shorter, and many more. Since 1999 he has been involved in the organization of a major Czech outdoor festival 'Rock for People' where he has been responsible for booking, artist services, and most importantly sustainable / green operations.Stěpán is a passionate cross-country skier, keen (and poor) ice hockey player, and a dedicated beekeeper.

Michaela Tanner, Open Air St. Gallen

Michaela Tanner has a Masters of Arts degree in German Language and Media science. First experiences in the music- and event business came alongside university part-time jobbing in a "High Fidelity"-like record store and in a management/label. Since 2006 back in St. Gallen where she grew up for a job with OpenAir Office GmbH. Responsible for online communications and social media, merchandising, staff administration and last but not least for the Green'n'Clean and sustainability sector of the OpenAir St.Gallen and SummerDays Festival Arbon.


Morten Therkildsen, Head of Security, Health and Safety at ConCom Safety & Roskilde Festival

Morten has been in the event safety industry since 2003, where he started as a volunteer at Orange Stage, Roskilde Festival. In 2006 the volunteer work lead to Morten starting his own company (ConCom Safety), which became a successful crowd management company in Denmark during the following years. In 2010 Morten graduated a Foundation degree in Crowd Safety Management and in 2012 a Bachelor of Honors in Crowd Safety Management at Bucks New University.

As the first person in Denmark holding an academic degree in Crowd Safety Management, Morten started consulting some of the major companies in Denmark, and as of today Morten is a consultant for companies like Carlsberg International and The Danish National television broadcasting company.

In 2013 ConCom Safety became a part of the charity foundation, Roskilde Festival.

Today Morten is Head of Security, Health and Safety at Roskilde Festival, one of Europe's largest festivals, and still deliver crowd safety management for Live Nation and other promoters at ConCom Safety.

Morten is a board member of International training association, and is a part of several steering committees striving to increase the standards of training within Crowd Safety Management in Denmark and internationally.

Morten is a member of the International Crowd Management Practitioners Association. An association designed to, amongst other things, support a development of a career pathway for those in the crowd management sector.


Vladimir Vodalov, EXIT Festival

Vladimir is Executive Manager of AAA Production d.o.o., an event, booking and promotion company from Novi Sad, Serbia. AAA Production is the production company in charge of Exit Festival program and production.

Vladimir is a part of EXIT team since its beginning in year 2000.  He also is a member of the Exit program production team and assistant to the program production manager since 2005, responsible for legal aspects, budget and artists contracts in the booking department. Involved in most prestigious shows in Serbia such as RHCP, Madonna, Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, Manu Chao, Warriors Dance Festival. Before he managed Exit's press centre and currently working on the new edition of Exit festival for 2014. 

Vladimir studied Informatics at Natural Science University in Novi Sad and English at "Radnički" University, worked for 'Amiga Style' and 'Playjoy' magazines, was co-founder of Student's Union of University of Natural Science in Novi Sad and its secretary. He was involved in 'Wired - Unlimited Cultural Exchange Network' and organized two Reflex seminars in Novi Sad. He dealt talent exchange projects between Balkans and Scandinavia and co-realized the 'Eco Bus Tour' to support the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa. Also took part in various projects as Serbian coordinator for CEETEP, MiM - Multiculturalism In Music, Azalai - Laboratorie Nomadique all part of projects supported by EU and  GO Group (Green Operations) dealing with sustainability of large scale events.


Antje Vödisch, bonnorange AöR 
Antje Vödisch is since 25 years busy in the field of environmental 
education and waste management. 
She was  one of the pioneers in that field to form  concepts for 
waste prevention and give an ecological  view on waste management. 
Her Vision: "Everybody can make a difference - Set a good example".